About Me

I once had great aspirations to become a writer.

This was long ago, before life had summarily beaten dreamy and lofty objectives out of my soul and replaced them with the more realistic cynicism of my wizened ass older age. Now I blog, not particularly well since I am relatively lazy and transient about it, so that I can project some kind of presence out into the cyber-ether in the vain hope that some fragment of that original aspiration might persist.

And because I’m frequently bored. And because I like to hear and read my own thoughts.

Before you start picturing me as some whispy haired, white bearded old goat, you should know I’m an average 39 year old dude living in the Nation’s Capital. I’ll write about whatever catches my misanthropic interest, stuff like hockey, politics, philosophy and so on. So long as you accept that I am right and you are wrong, I encourage readers to contribute. I’ll plagiarize the witty and ridicule the less so. The latter, given my aforementioned omniscience, is likely to occur in the majority of situations.

Above all, it should be understood that your entertainment is secondary to my own. That said, hopefully one isn’t at cross-purposes with the other.

Welcome to my perspective on the world within, and without, Ottawa.

Email me at: brains@cerebvellum.com

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