Learning, the Hard Way

I swear that this is not becoming a hockey blog.

That said, I can’t help but feel a little motivated to vent my opinion when stupidity, hockey related or otherwise, becomes the ruling media story of the day. Apparently, Max Pacioretty “embellished” his inuries in a failed conspiracy to get Zdeno Chara suspended. This master plan reached as high as the team owner, and possibly involved a shady deal with sponsors, all directed at bringing down the lilly white innocent Boston Bruins during their possible run to the Stanley Cup.

And, the worst part of all this is that it’s going to take that much more credibility and seriousness away from the issue of player safety, which has already fallen dreadfully on deaf ears.

In an interview with a radio show on Wednesday, Bruins winger Mark Recchi said that the Canadiens embellished Pacioretty’s injury in an attempt to get Zdeno Chara suspended. Recchi goes on to say that clearly Pacioretty wasn’t that badly injured, as he was at a movie four or five days later tweeting. After all, Mark Recchi is a noted medical doctor, certainly more capable of diagnosing medical conditions like concussions than the medical team at the hospital where Pacioretty spent a few nights after the hit from Chara. Given Dr. Recchi’s esteemed knowledge, I am inclined to believe that Pacioretty may have even imagined his own fractured vertebra.

Maybe Dr. Recchi should be given the opportunity to view the X-Rays of Pacioretty’s broken neck so that he can make a more informed diagnosis in advance of pontificating on a radio show.

Yes, I’m a little incensed. Not because I’m a Canadiens fan, and not because I hate the Bruins, though those are two things difficult to rmove from the equation, I will admit. I’m pissed because I don’t think a hockey player is in any position to be commenting on another player’s injury, certainly not on whether the player is fibbing about a concussion. What the holy flying fuck does Mark Recchi know about what is going on in another player’s mind or whether their brain is scrambled from a concussion? And, how in the name of Christ can someone embellish a broken neck?

All that this does is establish that as apparently respected Mark Recchi is in the league, he’s also a blithering idiot without the sense to stay quiet on matters that he has no experience talking about.

It also shows that nobody is taking the matter seriously, which means we will sooner or later see someone crippled or killed because of the complacency of the league and many of the players in it. It’s pretty sick, and sad, that Pacioretty’s good luck in not having been crippled or killed by the fracture in his neck means that someone less lucky will have to suffer a worse fate before idiots like Recchi realize just how close it came, and just how truly dangerous reckless “hockey” plays like Chara’s are.

As Recchi put it, “I’ve been run into the turnbuckle maybe 40 times in my career. As a winger, that’s the risk you take when you go along the boards like that.”

After 40 runs into that turnbuckle, I’m suddenly understanding how Recchi could be capable of such a brain-damaged string of stupid opinions and observations.

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