Man’s Best Victim

I’m actually sitting staring at the screen trying to find the words to describe just how revolted and enraged I am to be a member of the same species as the operators of “Outdoor Adventures” and “Howling Dogs.” Because of a worker’s claim in BC court for post-traumatic stress, it has come to light that 100 huskies were tied up and slaughtered in the months following the Vancouver Olympics, the mass killing carried out by one man over two days with a shotgun and a knife.

While I don’t at all blame the man for claiming post traumatic stress after having undertaken such a horrific task, I have to find it baffling that he didn’t simply refuse in the first place. What’s worse is this is only one more instance in which dogs are treated as tools and abused for the benefit of people who don’t use our supposed superior place in the evolutionary chain to claim proper stewardship of lesser creatures. An investigation has been launched, but the only reasonable preliminary analysis of the scenario is that the companies in question should be put out of business for good.

Dogs are used as tools to perform a number of tasks that they are better suited to than people. In the military, dogs are often used as an extension of a military unit for sniffing out explosives or tracking. German Shepherds, for instance, were used in the Second World War and in subsequent conflicts. Dog sled is a common mode of transport in northern aboriginal communities and a much quicker way of travelling over snow than travelling on foot. Whether it’s for their strength or their ability to hear and smell things outside of the range of human senses, dogs are trained to perform a variety of tasks and gladly carry them out for treats and affection. They’re social animals; the only reward they need for their service is food, care and attention.

Too bad humans are such callous, selfish little puddles of excrement.

The military dogs in the Second World War and various other battles were rewarded for their service by being left behind and alone, often to starve and die, when the troops went home. Police dogs, at least, often get to retire to a loving home or sometimes be adopted by their human partner. But, the culling of 100 sled dogs because demand from tourists for sled-rides after the Olympics ended is a present and extreme demonstration of our disregard for “man’s best friend.”

The lone executioner shot and knifed dogs, in some cases witnessing injured animals crawling out of mass graves, reporting that the kills were not quick and clean. Dogs’ faces were shot off and animals were maimed and wounded before being killed, all while tied and tethered near the teams they pulled sleds with.

Not one day. Two days of this brutal massacre.

You might ask why I am getting angry about this and using terms like massacre and slaughter, all regarding simple animals. I’d probably tell you to fuck right off. I have always maintained and will continue to assert that the way people treat animals tells you a lot about the way they will treat people; if you can’t care for and treat with respect creatures that ask little from you and require your care and husbandry, you’re more likely to be uncaring and selfish with people. There’s a reason that a link has been noted betwen animal abuse and escalation to serial killing. In my books, a person who abuses innocent animals is worse than a person who abuses a human. Humans are almost never innocent.

I have a sinking suspicion that the operators of these companies are going to find themselves slapped with a minor fine, but otherwise unpunished. That’s the other disgusting part of humanity: we treat crimes against animals less severely than even crimes against property.

Apparently, threats against the companies and operators have been posted online. At the risk of inciting violence, I say good on em for threatening those little pukes. I know rationally that violence doesn’t solve the problem, but emotionally it would feel pretty damn good to be locked in a room with those jackass greedy bastards for just 5 minutes. What they did to the dogs wouldn’t hold a candle to those 5 minutes.

It would be even better if people would band together and lobby government to revise the laws around animal cruelty and animal abuse. The legislation is clearly lacking power and, in the present context of working animals, relevance. If we applied half the time to this subject as we do to formulating attack ads for political campaigns, we could actually end these atrocities.

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