Ups and Downs

Apologies to anyone who saw a nasty message indicating a suspended account when they tried to check out what I had posted. For the second time in a year, I’ve run into problems with the hosting service for this blog. But, as the philosopher Slim Shady once observed, “Shady’s back,” because things just weren’t the same without this blog.

Well, for me, anyways.

I first want to acknowledge that this blog has been graciously hosted at absolutely no charge by my brother who, having a little extra space and knowing me well enough to know that my massive talents would garner so little bandwidth disruption that my presence on his server would be essentially unnoticed, said “Sure, whatever.” I can’t fault him, since he’s helped me out of my technical disabilites more than a few times and let this place exist.

His service provider, on the other hand…

I think I’ve already spoken of the incessant Viagra propaganda. Charming as it is to get erectile dysfunction information on a regular basis, I generally find it more annoying than helpful. Throw into the mix that I’ve had my blog die a couple times over the last little while because of server related issues, or had my email cease functioning, and I’ve got to say the idiots at that hosting service are off the Christmas list. Well, unless I have a bag of flaming dog poo to re-gift.

So, I’m a little torn. I don’t know whether I should just enjoy the free hosting that I have, or if I should make an effort (*gasp!*) and find my own hosting. I mean, web hosting doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and I’ve heard there are several reliable and quite good providers to choose from. Besides, I am notoriously inept at marketing this blog and driving traffic, which can be shown best by the puny number of visits I get despite my obvious wit and intellectual might. Some of these hosting services also provide assistance in driving volume. Maybe I could have more than two people read this thing, after all.

But, I’m undecided. What to do? It’s not a matter of the money (and yes, I am just saying that because it gives me a tickle to sound so magnanimous about money, even if just for a moment,) since most hosting services are really pretty cheap. It’s more a matter of my laziness and complete cluelessness for what to look for in a provider and how to compare.

If anybody has any suggestions, or wants to sacrifice some of their time and/or knowledge in helping me drive a few eager minds through this blog on a regular basis, please… I’m all ears…

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Hmmm, don’t think I have ever been in such an elite group before.. 😉 Couldn’t ignore a distress call :

A Knight
August 9th, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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