The Erotic Yawn

Big YawnMaybe there’s hope for me yet.

Researchers at the improbably named International Conference on Yawning in Paris recently discussed the true reason for why we yawn. Surprisingly, while we generally assume that it means the yawner is tired, it can mean a variety of other things, including sexual attraction.

I don’t think many of us have given much thought to why we yawn. But, as it is with most obscure and seldom considered interests, there is an entire community of enormously educated and highly intelligent people dedicated to exploring every facet and mystery of something that the average person couldn’t care less about.

While the researchers admitted that they still don’t understand why, precisely, we yawn, or why there was a relationship between sex and yawning, there was a correlation made during observation and experiments that definitively demonstrated a link.

Who knows? Maybe all those hot women I have known over the years were yawning not because they thought I was almost terminally boring, as I assumed, but because they were overwhelmed by jelly-legged sexual desire. Next time I’m talking to an attractive woman and she yawns, I might have to consider that she’s after my man-chowder, not a rapid retreat.


Adam Sage, The Ottawa Citizen, 28/06/2010, “Oh, Yawn!”, P. D1-2

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