The End is the Beginning is the…

Why do they call it the week “end”?

Not to be ungrateful, because I’m happy to have a few days off work, but to say that the week is ending is to imply that it had a beginning. That’s not something you hear often, “week beginning”. Nothing is ended, it just continues in a different form. Some people, like retail workers and strippers, carry on and go to work, bless their souls. I sleep in a little, stay up a little later, but otherwise the sun rises and sets in its customary way.
Continuity. The week is cyclical.
But we’ve got an ingrained, Pavlovian affinity, for weekends, don’t we? I have given fractions of my soul to the retail industry as an indentured slave, and I know that even when I was blessed by the rarity of two consecutive days off, it didn’t feel like a weekend if it wasn’t a Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know why. Call it years of conditioning. But it didn’t feel the same. It felt perverse, wrong, as though I was cheating.
Now I’ve got an adult job, with adult hours, on an adult schedule, and I can look forward to my weekends. But they’re really just a pause in the action, shore leave from active duty.
Jesus, I need to find a woman.

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