The United Colours of Extremism: Beyonce Declared Satanic

For all the print and video that is ejaculated on Islamic extremism and Muslim religious rants, people seem to forget that extremism is an equal opportunity stupidity.

Beyonce has been declarted satanic and a servant of the Devil by a religious group in advance of her show in Port Ghalib. Guess which religion?

“Beyonce is NO Christian.” insists online Christian organization, “She is satanic, serving the Devil.”

Aaaalllright….. ?

I can understand, even sympathize with Muslim leaders who have declared her shows little more than an “insolent sex party.” I mean, sounds like good fun to me, but, at the same time, I can see the logical leap from the exhibitionist shows a lot of female performers put on in order to draw crowds to something a lot more illicit.

But, satanic?

Let’s be frank; a lot of female performers have made their careers not off of creativity, originality or talent, but off of flat abs, heart-stopping faces and unbelievably sculpted T&A. Popular music is littered with model-caliber good looks, probably because a lot of the so-called “talent” that broke them into the industry wouldn’t be enough to be considered show-worthy if it wasn’t wrapped in porn-star appeal. I think the number of ugly women with successful popular music careers, and that would be a grand total of “0,” is evidence of my point. The fact that many of them aren’t even recorded in an unfiltered or un-electronically-mutilated voice just goes to further prove the point that it has nothing to do with the ability to sing, and more the ability to titillate. Even the music lacks creativity, as more and more artists are resorting to doing covers of either other artists’ or older songs, rather than coming up with something original.

The video clips I’ve seen of Brittney Spears or Christina Aguilera concerts are pretty damning arguments that, in fact, a lot of these concerts border pretty closely on public sex or stripping.

And, I love them for it. You go, girls, with your bad selves.

But, of the many things can be said of these concerts -sad, pathetic, cheap, sleazy-, “satanic” really doesn’t seem to fit.

The fact is, we spend so much time focusing our ire on Middle Eastern religions for their apparent lack of tolerance and incredibly restrictive rules, without giving enough credit to our own small-mindedness closer to home. It’s great to point a finger overseas and shake our heads, but we seem to forget that there is plenty enough intolerance and fanaticism right here at home. How many racially motivated hate crimes happen every year? What about hate crimes against homosexuals? Was the Uni-Bomber or the Oklahoma City bombing acts of Islamic extremism? What about the less violent but more numerous expressions of Christian intolerance towards non-Christians?

Belief comes packaged with the potential for extremism. The stronger your beliefs, the more at risk you are of acting fanatically. Religion and science are both belief structures that lend themselves exceptionally well to extreme behaviour, which is why there’s never a lack of violent and aggressive debate between Atheists and Christians.

I’m pretty sure that gyrating on stage in clingy or revealing clothing, with or without assistants, does not prove Beyonce to be a worshipper of the goat headed master of the underworld. By some loose definitions, the exhibition might be considered extremely sexual, though I’d say it takes a level of prudishness not frequently seen in our society to go that far. Both judgements are ridiculous. The Christian declaration is, perhaps, the more ridiculous of the two.

The only thing more ridiculous is forgetting that we’ve lived with the homegrown variety of extremism a lot longer than the Bush-era oogly-boogly spectre of the Middle Eastern variety.

Maybe, next time we’re pointing fingers and shaking our heads, we should remember that.

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