Young Love

It’s funny how different people show affection for one another. Some like to hold hands. Some like to cuddle. Others gaze longingly into the eyes of those they adore. Still others, though admittedly a select few, repeatedly strike their lover in the face and bash their head into the dashboard of a rented sports car until they no longer resemble the incredibly beautiful young woman they are.

Variety must be the spice of life.

I have a profound and abiding hatred for men who beat women. Normally I like to think that the musings of radical feminists like that yak Catherine MacKinnon are undeserved and without merit, but when a man beats a woman I can practically hear the cries of vindication sounding out from the sensibly shoed ether.

Chris Brown has declared that he still loves Rihanna. Never stopped, in fact, according to his assertions in the media. Touching, isn’t it? Doesn’t it make you feel all gooey inside? Surely he can’t be that terrible. Surely he’s merely misunderstood, a tragic figure who needs to be nurtured and turned away from the monster lurking inside him. After all, he’s young, rich, handsome to some, charismatic; he couldn’t possibly be that bad, could he?

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I can’t help but wonder if this is the aim calculated from this particular admission.

It’s sickening enough that the punk got five years probation and some piddly-ass community service for something that should have seen him behind bars for a little while. If you haven’t seen the pictures of Rihanna after the beating, Google them. While you’re at it, Google some pictures of her from before the beating and put them side by side. Ask yourself if what was done to her is the kind of thing a young, charismatic, handsome man does when he is in love. If you start dissembling and trying to justify his actions in any way, give your head a shake and throw yourself down a flight of stairs for good measure.

I’ve actually heard people say “we can’t say what went on in that car, or what she said/did before it happened,” which makes me wonder if those people are either that callous or if we are collectively that imperiously stupid that there can be any justification contemplated that makes turning a young woman’s face into ass understandable. I’d imagine these are the same people who will be tempted to feel a little bit of sympathy for the poor, misunderstood cretin. After all, journalists write this crap and it makes the news because they know that people are going to read. Hell, the steaming shithead’s face and name have been in the news with clockwork regularity. If that doesn’t smell of careful PR damage control, and a willing public interest, I don’t know what does.

I’ve known women who have been with abusive men. I understand and have studied psychology, and still can’t but feel a disgusted and intense anger at their willingness to accept and forgive and to make ridiculous excuses for why they want to go back to their abuser. In one ludicrous case, the reason was expressed as a doubt that the woman in question would ever find another man as blessed phallically as her boyfriend. Yeah, that made sense to me too. More commonly the reason is something along the lines of “but he really loves me.”

Sure. A fist is a Hallmark expression of the spirit of St. Valentine.

The proper response to crap like Chris Brown’s proclamations of undying love should be outrage. The proper punishment, judicially, should be jail time and stricly enforced therapy. The proper punishment, commercially, should be plummeting album sales and cancelled concert sponsorship. It’s not unusual for celebrities to get off light in the courts, but at what point do we decide that we need to draw a line in the sand and change the paradigm? Crashing your Bentley into a mailbox because you’re driving drunk is deserving of punishment, because the mailbox could have been a six year-old. But, the mailbox is the actual victim, the six year-old the hypothetical. In this case, the very real victim was a slight, beautiful young woman who endured a pounding that should have rightfully been duplicated twofold on the punk that administered it.

Sometimes an eye for an eye really isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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