Judgement Day

Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien enters the courthouse today to hear the verdict in his influence peddling trial, and the whole city is holding its breath in anticipation of the judgement. Will Dirty Larry be found guilty or not?

I can’t say I’ve been paying close attention to the trial. What I have gleaned, so far, is that the innocence of our illustrious mayor has been argued on a largely semantic basis, with claims that calling what he did criminal would be condemning all politicians as criminals.

Well, duh!

The defence has even argued that Dirty Larry can’t be found guilty of influence peddling when he didn’t actually have the required influence to make good on the peddling. That, to me, sounds incredibly weak; whether Larry was actually in a position with significant enough oomph to deliver on his promise to Terry Kilrea makes little difference, the point is that he represented himself as a person who could. Just because his estimation of his worth and authority is exaggerated doesn’t make the act of promising an appointment to Kilrea in exchange for him leaving aside his political aspirations any less damning. If anything, it just makes it criminal and pathetic.

As we speak, the judge is rendering his decision.

Stay tuned.

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