Cancer is Sexy

For all of you who have expressed outrage at Lisa Raitt’s surreptitiously recorded comments about the medical isotope shortage, I have only one thing to say: you’re about as smart as a box full of hair, and you need to give your heads a shake. Okay, maybe that was two things.

I am far from a supporter of any Conservative government minister. Far, as in the “polar opposite sense.” I certainly don’t have any problems rejoicing in the blunders and screw-ups of any of Harper’s team. But, this doesn’t have anything to do with supporting a politician or a party, this has everything to do with pointing out just how naive and ridiculous everyone is being.

An article in The Canadian Press reports that cancer victims and their families are outraged at Raitt’s comments. For those of you who make their abode beneath a stone, or live in a hut without electricity, surrounded by squirrels, Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt described the issue of the medical isotope shortage as “sexy.” This characterization was just part of a lengthier treatment of the subject “accidentally” recorded by Jasmine MacDonnell, an aide of Raitt’s. Raitt also mused about the political capital to be gained by handling the situation well.

In other words, she reduced something that the rest of us would see as humans with empathy and emotion to something purely political.

And that’s why you’re all a bunch of morons.

The incredible volume of the outcry over this situation is absolutely beyond ridiculous. People are raving mad at Raitt for being so “selfish” and for only thinking of her career. One woman quoted in the same article accuses Raitt of putting her “own power and ego above her compassion and humanity.” Callers to CBC Radio today were nearly apoplectic. The overwhelming response, voiced predictably in the House of Commons by opposition MPs, has been shock and anger that Raitt could be so centered on her career, so callous and unfeeling.

Give your head a shake!

Who in their right mind expects anything different from a politician? Or are people really so naive and idealist that they truly feel that politicians get into the business they’re in because they want to make the world a better place, and that they only think of their constituents?

Politicians are self-serving, arrogant, egomaniacal people. If they weren’t, and if they were still in the business of public affairs, they’d be clergy. Anybody who expects a politician to think of anyone but themselves, even when they are dealing with issues that impact other people, is truly deserving of hospitalization. This is all the more true when we consider politicians that are members of the current Conservative regime, which has possibly elevated the practice of pure politics to an artform rarely before seen.

No, cancer is not sexy. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t sexy in the sense that nobody likes cancer, and nobody thinks that cancer is a good thing. We’ve all known someone who has suffered through or died from cancer. I don’t think anyone can say that they wouldn’t like to see more effective treatment or a cure for this disease. But, it is “sexy” because of the very fact that we all hate cancer; it’s high profile, which means that the handling of any issue related to it will likely result in mounds and mounds of press and your photo splashed everywhere. Well, for a politician, anyways.

So, strictly speaking, cancer is an ideal issue for a politician, because handling the issue well, publicly, can make a person’s career.

Clearly, this is not the case with Raitt. Moronic or not, people’s outrage will likely spell the end of her career, or at least the serious curtailing of it. She may skate through with her job intact, but I’m willing to bet that she quietly and permanently vanishes from the spotlight soon enough. Harper’s iron grip on his people will get flexed, as it has in the past, and once the furor has dies down Raitt will wind up in a dank office in the basement rubber-stamping envelopes or something.

And the funniest part of all? When the time comes to express outrage in a useful and productive way, during a federal election, all of these outraged feather-dusters will cheerfully vote in another term of Conservative rule.

Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that this has never happened before. When sex doesn’t sell, the Harper regime spins it until it does.


Cancer victims outraged over Raitt ‘sexy’ comment

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July 21st, 2011 at 7:38 am

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