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Facebook has provided me with a serviceable method for tracking down and stalking people I haven’t seen in years, some in more than a decade, even. In a lot of respects, I truly appreciate this, because I am one of those types of people who will occassionally dredge up thoughts about people I have known in the past and my “I wonder what they are doing now”s will eventually turn into an obsessive Googling and trolling of the net. Luckily, I have a relatively short attention span, and I am easily distracted by other things like a good book, hockey or porn.

I came across a young woman I once worked with, quite some time ago, as I randomly plugged names from my past into Facebook. We reconnected through this medium just as many others had, and our sporadic conversation has been filled with catching up and so on.
This catching up has brought me to “The Secret”, which said unnamed young woman feels certain has changed her entire life.
Actually, if you check out the site, it even says in the spiffy flash intro that “The Secret” will do just that, change your life, “forever”.
Not to pick at the proverbial nit, but if your life is changed, isn’t it safe to asume that the change has altered you in a lasting way? I mean, one minute you’re You A, and the next you’re You B. It seems kind of obvious that the change is “forever”, without any need to actually put the obvious to words. And yet people always do that. “Dude, it’ll, like, change you, Forever!
Anyways, I digress.
I also found it interesting that the into claims that “The Secret” will enable you to know yourself. I’ve always found the notion of trying to find oneself utterly ridiculous, and four years of higher education and philosophy studies haven’t done anything to disuade me from my thinking. I could even wax prosaic about how it’s impossible for anyone to know themselves or know anyone else, for that matter. Hell, I could probably provide hours of conversation on that very subject, which goes a long way to explaining why I have been single for the last three years.
Again, I digress.
I can’t say that I am much of an expert on “The Secret”, nor can I say that I have spent much time looking at it. Suffice it to say, make your own judgements based on your own investigation. I, on the other hand, am skeptical beyond all compreshension, if only for the fact that the professional presentation of this life-altering revelatory document and “resistance is futile” Kool-Aid-esque fascination that laces the words of adherents smacks mightily of a cult.
Of course, maybe I’m just not ready for my life to be changed.

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