Intervention and the Rob Ford Scandal

Nobody can deny that there was a healthy amount of humour to be found in the antics and misadventures over the last year or more of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. A morbidly obese, ineloquent lout who flips the bird to little old ladies, calls 911 when reporters get in his way on his driveway and engages in drunken debauchery in full view of the public is a hard target to miss. At first, the sheer absurdity of revelations that a video existed showing Mayor Ford engaged in use of crack cocaine with known dealers and criminals pushed the whole affair into the same bucket as the rest of Rob Ford’s comedy of errors. Over the last week, as these allegations have been proven true and an admission has been made by Mayor Ford to corroborate what the public has not yet seen, the laugh track has slowly faded to stunned silence.

While I will readily confess that I am not a resident of Toronto, a fan of Rob Ford or certainly a Rob Ford apologist, as an observer on this entire scandal I can only hope that everyone can move past the apparent comedy and the sarcastically barbed Ford jokes. What we are seeing is a very clumsy and public intervention of a very public and troubled individual, and until everyone gets past the viciousness that indignation and the smell of political blood in the water seems to bring out of the best of us, the intervention will fail us all.
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