99 Monkeys

You’d probably think that I would be in fervent support of the Occupy(insert appropriate city name here) movement by the so-called 99%. After all, I am fairly outspoken about the government lunacy here and abroad that those of us outside of the political arena are subjected to on a regular basis, and most of what the Occupy movement seems to be aimed at is the political establishment. It would be completely understandable that you would think I would shower support on these protesters.

And, you’d be patently wrong.
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Don Cherry Needs to Go

I really was trying to think of a more pithy title for this post, as I have done in the past, but I’m frankly so fatigued by the endless stream of putrid feces that issues from Don Cherry’s mouth every time he talks that I just couldn’t muster the energy to be creative.

The geriatric old moron has made it into the news again recently for calling the likes of Chris Nilan, Jim Thomson and Stu Grimson “pukes,” “turncoats” and “hypocrits” for speaking out against fighting in the NHL. Speaking from his pulpit on Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night in Canada, Cherry lashed the trio with a vitriolic rant in defence of fighting in professional hockey, shocking the hockey community and demonstrating once again, and hopefully once and for all, that the white haired old bastard is long overdue for retirement. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t know when to quit, so it’s going to take someone with some stones to tell him to hang up his gaudy tie before he embarasses the CBC, hockey and Canada more than he has already.
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When All Else Fails, Slander

I have really not been paying a lot of attention to provincial politics, even with a provincial election looming tomorrow. Quite simply, it doesn’t hold my attention in the way that the Big Game in federal politics does. Maybe that’s why I tend to focus so much more attention on federal politics, as well; my attention isn’t diluted by provincial and municipal stuff. Or, maybe I’m just selectively lazy.

However, it’s hard to ignore the headlines leading up to tomorrow’s vote. PC leader Tim Hudak is dominating the news after a flyer attacking the Liberal position on sex education in schools was branded “homophobic.” It actually makes me tired to see garbage like this surfacing in an election, and sickens me that this is deemed a satisfactory way to address your opponents in any forum. The fact that it comes from the Conservatives is less surprising, but the fact that so many people posting comments on the story seemed to support and even escalate the PC position surprises me and shames me to be a part of this society.
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