Promises Kept, at All Costs

You have to give him credit, Stephen Harper is bound and determined to make good on every promise he’s made, whether it’s good for us or not.

In tough economic times, with unemployment at unenviable levels, he’s making good on his promise to trim the public service by putting thousands out of work and on employment insurance support. Despite all empirical evidence to the contrary of his claims, he’s forcing through a “get tough on crime” bill that will result in billions of dollars spent on corrections for a problem that doesn’t exist, but may in fact be created by the very measures being introduced. This week it was announced that Canada’s future $30billion fighter jets, despite not serving the primary purpose of our airforce, will also be delivered with inferior communications gear to the current equipment and will, in fact, not work in the theatre of operations they are intended for. Nevermind the fact that they also will not be able to refuel. Add to that today’s announcement that they are finally getting satisfaction for their long-held wish to get rid of the long gun registry, and I have one simple question: other than doing exactly what he wants and keeping his word, is Harper doing anything that will actually benefit us? Or is keeping his word and following his own agenda just that much more important than actually benefitting Canadians?

Alright, that was two questions.
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Death of a Unicorn

In life, Jamie Hubley badly wanted to find a partner to share his feelings with and to feel loved in return. One can only assume that he would have been surprised and gratified to see the hundreds who showed up at his funeral to express their grief and their love for him after the 15-year-old took his own life last weekend. Hubley was the only openly gay student at his highschool, and was subjected to bullying and torment that, eventually, he found too unbearable.

I don’t believe suicide is a solution for anyone. In fact, I think suicide is a generally selfish action; it may relieve you of whatever pain or unhappiness you feel, but it forces everyone around you to suffer as well. I don’t think any of the hundreds who are suffering the pain of the loss of Jamie Hubley would say they are happy he is gone, though they may say they are happy he is no longer suffering himself. And, I think they would to a person say that they are disappointed that in 2011 a gay teen should be subjected to the kind of torment and bullying that plagued Hubley’s young life. Quite plainly, it’s deplorable, and it starts with every single one of us.
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Texan Crime Fighters: The Voice of… Reason?

I must have suffered a brain injury overnight, because I find myself in a perceptual space where I’m actually agreeing with right wing Republicans from Texas who seem to have a more logical and rational grasp on crime fighting than our own Government. Texans. You know, the “you’ll have to pry my gun out of my cold, dead hands” and “don’t mess with Texas” crowd?

Texan conservative lawmakers and a coalition of American experts attacked the Harper crime omnibus bill in a statement Monday, saying “If you build it, they will come.” Their contention is that greater creativity and community good comes from moving away from mandatory minimum sentences and more numerous incarcerations, contrary to Harper’s plan to build jails and keep criminals locked up longer. What they are saying mirrors common accepted knowledge and statistical evidence from Canada as well as the US. Question is, if everyone including the poster boys south of the border know this, why doesn’t our own Government?
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