Sidestepping into History and the Rebranding of Canada

Information from The Canadian Press today outlines how Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, the face of Canada in dealing with other nations, has muscled aside usual rules in order to customize his business cards. A trivial thing? Maybe, for some. I’ve had personal experience in private industry with branding representation on my business cards, but, then, I’m not a federal Minister and representative of a nation. And, as much as I have taken a dose or two of shit from the few who allow my opinions to be inflicted upon them for decrying the resurgence of references to the monarchy in our government institutions, I believe that all of this is bundled with a number of other individually less alarming moves by the Conservative government to form a sad and disappointing departure from pride in our Canadian identity.

Call me a drama queen if you like, but some of us used to be proud to say we were Canadian and feel that it made us different from the rest of the world.
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Abuse of Power and Dangerous Accomodation

A sign that the fervor and panic over security in the age of global terror has taken us a little too far adrift? Apparently, New York Police departments now have the ability to knock aircraft out of the skies in the event of a terrorist attack. This is the first time that a civilian department is reported to have such extreme power, ten full years after the last time a plane was used as a ballisitc weapon.

There is little to deny the right of New Yorkers to look to the skies with apprehension after passengers jets brought the World Trade Center towers down around them, but is arming the police with weapons capable of blasting a plane out of the sky a realistic response to this concern or a gross miscalculation?
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Remembering – 10 Years Gone By

It’s a little surreal to think that 10 years have passed since the events of September 11th, 2001. In some ways, it doesn’t seem like it has been that long, and yet so much has happened in the intervening years that 10 years does not seem that long. 9/11 was a very public event, and yet the ways that we experienced it have been distinctly personal. On this solemn day of remembrance of the terrible events of that day, we’re all looking back to where we were when the planes hit the towers, and who we were as people back then before the world changed forever.
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