Penises Make Idiots of Us All

To no small measure of relief, Alberta police announced that they had found and detained the 17-year-old girl who has, reportedly, been knowingly spreading HIV. Urgent news releases had been issued on Sunday warning people that complainants had come forward to say that the unnamed girl had been having unprotected sex with several men, despite knowing that she was HIV positive. Despite the girl’s age, the unusual decision was made to publish her photo and particulars so that the public could be aware of the threat. Now that the girl is in custody, news agencies have returned to “protecting her identity,” which seems a little irrelevant at this point.

Earlier last week, a Toronto man was convicted of murder for knowingly spreading HIV to two women, who later died of AIDs. 55-year-old Johnson Aziga is now considered a “dangerous offender,” and will likely spend the rest of his natural life in jail. In the case of Aziga and the 17-year-old from Alberta, the obvious question is why someone would knowingly transmit a disease like HIV to another person. It’s one thing to do so accidentally, but once the diagnosis is made known, it would take a special kind of evil, or a powerful selfishness, to intentionally have unprotected sex with someone unaware of your condition. So, what coult motivate a person to such an act? And, in an age where the occurrence of sexually transmitted infections is resurgent and knowledge of the risks of HIV and AIDs is widespread, you have to wonder why the other person in the equation took the risks they took as well.
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