Rocking the Bunny

The only thing more amusing about celebrity than how self-absorbed most celebrities are is the fascination us non-celebrities have with them. Some celebrities are notable for the talent that brought them into the public sphere in the first place, but the most ridiculous are the ones that are simply famous for being famous. Contemporary talent is so manufactured and synthetic that being a celebrity is more about the careful management of image and public perception by agencies than it is about the qualities of the individual themselves.

On Tuesday, Crystal Harris took to the Howard Stern show to spill dirt on her aborted relationship, and engagement, to Hugh Hefner. Pulling few punches and most likely playing loose with the truth, Harris ripped Hefner and catapulted herself back into the news cycle for another few days, and in doing so secured an extension on her 15 minutes of fame. It’s sad for so many reasons, not the least of which is our obvious fascination with drivel and dirt. Who says reality TV hasn’t drained a fair share of intelligence from us all?
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