Oscar Meyer’s Weiner

Over the course of the last few weeks, one American man’s penis has shot to global prominence and infamy and captivated conventional and electronic media. The puns are just too damn easy to ignore, aren’t they? Anthony Weiner resigned as a New York congressman over the furor created by his “sexting” scandal and vows to enter a treatment program for his apparent problem, but Weiner’s sexting of his weiner to various women and the subsequent discovery of his actions raises more interesting questions than whether his actions were ill-advised. The moral indignation shown in the media and public and the backlash Weiner’s weiner has generated is not unlike the Tiger Woods affair(s), which similarly fixated the public for weeks on end.

That Weinergate has exposed has exposed the poor situational judgement of Anthony Weiner goes without challenge, some would contest his resignation and ask why he should have to leave his job. More controversial is whether his actions constitute something requiring therapy, and what this says for our cultural mores that a person’s sexual kink is met with such a strong moral condemnation. Are we still so conservative of mind that a man sharing photographs of his wang is seen as something so deviant that professional intervention is necessary? In our hypersexualized culture, do we have the right to look down on him for this at all?
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Watch the World Die

The Boston Bruins were crowned Stanley Cup champions last night for the first time in nearly four decades, and the Vancouver Canucks capped an epic collapse to their nearly perfect season with a 4-0 loss in game 7. It’s a disappointing end to the 2010-2011 hockey season for fans of the Canucks, and fans of Canadian hockey in general, made all the more disappointing by the looting and rioting that took plce in Vancouver after the game ended. This is hardly the first time that riots have broken out following a Stanley Cup series, won or lost; Montreal and Calgary have seen their share of riots, and this is actually the second such occassion for the city of Vancouver.

And, while many will voice their surprise that this kind of stupidity could erupt in a tranquil place like Vancouver, and more yet will level the blame at drunken and angry hockey fans, it’s neither surprising or the fault of Vancouver fans at all. The reality is this kind of human lunacy can take place in any city, regardless of its character, and has as little to do with hockey as does with the full moon that rose over the city last night.
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The Bravery of Being Out of Range

So, the Auditor General has finally released the report on the government’s G8 spending. This is, of course, the report that first came to light as leaked information during the recent election, but did not come out in its entirety because the AG would not release the document without parliamentary approval. Since the government was in flux during the election, there wasn’t a parliament to give that approval. As a result, the contentious claim that the report highlights government mismanagement of funds and unapproved expenditures could not be verified. And, what cannot be verified is apt to be denied by the party in default.

At the time, the Harper government patently denied any wrongdoing and, knowing full well that it could not happen, called for the immediate release of the final report. After all, they claimed, they were certain that the final report would vindicate them and prove all of the opposition accusations false. Big, brave claims that anybody can feel comfortable making, knowing full well that they can’t be challenged on them.

Now the report is out and, surprise surprise, it shows that the accusations were entirely accurate after all.
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