The Good ‘Ole Hockey Game

Mario Lemieux has spoken out about the increase in violence in professional hockey, calling the recent examples of brawls and hitting a “travesty” that makes him question his future involvement in the NHL. One of the legends of the game, Lemieux’s harsh criticism of the NHL should sound a warning that there are serious issues with the management of the sport, both on and off the ice. But, there are critics who would point out that Lemieux has one of the dirtiest players in the league on his team and that he is known for demanding aggression from his players. The topic of fighting and head-shots in hockey has polarized fans into camps that, on the one hand, argue that the sport should be about skill and talent and respect the long-term health of the players, and others who feel that restricting physicality will soften the sport too far.

With the recent injuries to players like Marc Savard and Sidney Crosby, what can plainly be said is that games like the recent Pittsburgh-Islanders tilt, or the Boston-Montreal brawl the night before, are in contravention of the notion that hockey is a game about skill and that it’s tough without being violent. The question is, which should it be?
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Man’s Best Victim

I’m actually sitting staring at the screen trying to find the words to describe just how revolted and enraged I am to be a member of the same species as the operators of “Outdoor Adventures” and “Howling Dogs.” Because of a worker’s claim in BC court for post-traumatic stress, it has come to light that 100 huskies were tied up and slaughtered in the months following the Vancouver Olympics, the mass killing carried out by one man over two days with a shotgun and a knife.

While I don’t at all blame the man for claiming post traumatic stress after having undertaken such a horrific task, I have to find it baffling that he didn’t simply refuse in the first place. What’s worse is this is only one more instance in which dogs are treated as tools and abused for the benefit of people who don’t use our supposed superior place in the evolutionary chain to claim proper stewardship of lesser creatures. An investigation has been launched, but the only reasonable preliminary analysis of the scenario is that the companies in question should be put out of business for good.
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