Sour Grapes

I didn’t say much when he was helping to promote Julian Fantino in a recent Toronto area by-election, but I think Don Cherry has gone a little too far this time. I’ve never been much of a fan of his ridiculous rants, and there’s maybe only one time out of ten that I agree with his convoluted ideas, but Cherry’s recent branching out into the political arena demonstrates both a succinct lack of good sense from the politicians who prop him up on stage to speak, and what can only be charitably attributed to Cherry’s decline into dementia with advancing age.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Cherry went on a protracted rant about “left-wing kooks” and “pinkos.” While his rants related to hockey have earned him a dubious spot on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, it’s perhaps easier to disregard his lunacy when the topic is hockey. When he starts dabbling in the political arena, his stunning lack of tact and intellectual capacity become glaring. Anyone hitching their cart to that particular ass should be held suspect as well, something Mayor Ford should consider.
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Dangerous Indignation

A stay has been granted to delay the introduction of changes to prostitution laws in Ontario, allowing the provincial and federal government time to prepare an appeal of the landmark verdict. Justice Susan Himel’s decision to strike down key components of anti-prostitution law would have come into effect recetly. There was a 30 day hold put on the actual deployment of the effect of the ruling, but this hold will now extend to April 29th, 2011..

I honestly never thought I would see this come to pass, and I still might not. Criminalization of prostitution has long been argued to be the biggest contributing factor to the danger and health risk associated with the trade. Critics have traditionally argued that prostitution supports other crime and threatens public health. Despite the fact that prostitution itself was not actually illegal, the criminalization of many of the activities surrounding prostitution was our courts’ sideways method of getting to the same end result. What the government is doing by forcing an appeal to prolong the court battle is to place the supposed moral indignation they have over prostitution itself over and above the importance of safety for sex workers and clients.
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