American Soldier Admits to Being “Happy” He Killed Taliban Fighter

Alright, I will fully sdmit that I am performing a social experiment here, but I feel confident that the results will bear out that my basic hypothesis is accurate.

What do you feel, or think of, when you read the title of this post? Does the thought that an American soldier would admit to being pleased at having killed a Taliban fighter shock you in the least, or does it make you shrug in a wordless acceptance of the regularity of such an admission? I’m postulating that there aren’t too many out there who would be shocked, taken aback or surprised to read a headline like that in the daily newspaper. It’s generally taken for granted and accepted that a soldier will take pleasure in defeating an enemy; it’s what they are trained to do.

So why in the hell should we find it surprising that Omar Khadr admits to being “happy” he killed an American soldier?
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