Scourge of the Flesh Thespians

Evangelist’s daughter Ruth Graham is bringing her merry crew to Brockville in September to enlighten the lives of sinners on matters of the utmost spiritual importance, including pornography. Apparently, pornography use is on the rise, particularly in women of all ages, and is becoming so dangerously de rigeur that its true threat is being overloooked.

Though, one has to wonder, maybe the thing being overlooked is how marginalizing the adult industry can be just as damaging, of not moreso.
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The Limits of Politesse

More than 200 signatures have found their way to a petition by the Somali community, asking the government to reconsider the deportation of 26 year-old Abadir Ali. Ali, who has lived in Canada since the age of 8, is being ordered to return to Somalia after pursuing a life of crime in Canada. The Somali community and Ali’s representatives contend that a return to Somalia is a death sentence for the young man. The government contends that Ali poses a risk to the safety of the community.

Canada is frequently, and quite often falsely, seen as a paragon of conscience and manners. Our immigration policies frequently admit refugees from foreign conflicts, and we are known for offering safe haven for people fleeing a troubled homeland. But, when one such person pays Canadian generosity back by becoming a criminal burden on society, how far should our compassion really go?
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Ups and Downs

Apologies to anyone who saw a nasty message indicating a suspended account when they tried to check out what I had posted. For the second time in a year, I’ve run into problems with the hosting service for this blog. But, as the philosopher Slim Shady once observed, “Shady’s back,” because things just weren’t the same without this blog.

Well, for me, anyways.
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