Rabble Rousing: The Wikileaks “Threat”

The furor that has arisen surrounding this week’s massive exposure of sensitive documents by Wikileaks has been utterly amazing, but admittedly not surprising. The documents, pertaining to the Afghan war, are field-level reports from the US military, and shed a light on the conflict that the military and government most likely don’t want to have shed. Whether they are documents that the public deserves to see is a question largely lost within the greater outrage at Wikileaks having released them; it’s not about whether the information should have been made public, but rather that they were.

This really raises the question about the value of “citizen journalism” as they call it. The debate was joined by a pretty abrupt and brash voice today as Eric Morse, a former Canadian Diplomat, wrote today in the Ottawa Citizen that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has every reason to be afraid today, and that the public should just trust the government and mainstream media, because they are the professionals. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not a trusting person, and Morse’s assessment of Julian Assange’s predicament came across as a not so subtly veiled threat, I might have been swayed to consider it.
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The Fast and The Furious – Redux

On August 4th of last year, almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about the irresponsibility of parents allowing their children to drive cars, dirt bikes, ATVs and other motorized vehicles in the wake of a video that was found on the internet of a 7 year-old driving the family car on a country road.

In a perfect example of time altering nothing, a year later there is a story in the newspaper about a child killed last Friday when she was crushed under the weight of the ATV she had been driving. Every year “warnings” are issued by just about every public safety and health agency under the sun alerting parents to the risks of letting their children drive ATVs and similar vehicles. Much like last year, I wonder when the unheeded “warnings” will be replaced by something a little more forceful.
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Greenpeace: Making the World Safe for Stupid

I have decided that I am categorically not a fan of Greenpeace.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with lawful and peaceful protest, and I am perfectly okay with environmental activism. I have also frequently stated that I have a distinct problem with stupidity and hypocrisy, and this is what leads me to proclaim Greenpeace to be the idiots they are. I spoke of the group’s moronic tactics when they scaled buildings on Parliament Hill, and now they’ve gone and briefly shut down BP stations in London in another act of guerilla idiocy. The question has to be asked, again, what Greenpeace really thought they were accomplishing?
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