In Sheep’s Clothing

Protester kicks burning cruiser
Who didn’t predict the mayhem and violence that broke out on Saturday during the G20 summit in Toronto? After a massive media run-up to the conference itself, highlighting every penny spent (and there were many) and the expected protests, it would have shocked me more if the day had passed peacefully. More often than not, when the media hypes something, that something comes to pass; life immitating art, or just a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Regardless of whether the chicken came before the egg, the outcome was a chaotic mess of burnt police cruisers, broken windows, overturned mailboxes and trash cans, tear gas and arrests. Many are quick to condemn the protesters who marched the streets of Toronto, but the truth is never as transparent as what’s on the 6 o’clock news. Who’s really to blame? Oddly, it’s not the protesters.
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I Hate Apple

The first iPhone 4’s are beginning to hit the streets. For those who joined the record number of pre-orders, numbering over 600,000, the indignity of lining up with the slavering, drooling and possibly pre-ejaculate trendy crowd has been saved. If you’re stuck in those slightly sticky, primal crowds, my condolences.

You’re getting what you deserved, though; no sympathy for the lemming for hitting the ground. Consider it the price of being a dedicated follower of fashion.

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Crude Behaviour: The BP Spill and What We Can Do About It

As Florida braces for the incoming brown tide and officials scamper about in a comic parody of efficiency trying to stem the flow, images of the true victims of the BP oilspill were released last week. As people start to see the images of those worst affected, not beachgoers, the tourism industry or fisheries, but rather the wildlife trapped and killed by this mess, the American and Canadian public continue to express outrage.

But what can be done, and does any of it really matter? What can the average person do to lend teeth to outrage?
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