No Shirt, No Shoes, No Teeth, No Service

There’s a sob story in The Ottawa Citizen today about how a mother toting a three month-old baby was asked to leave a new restaurant in South Ottawa because the restaurant owners didn’t want the baby there. The indignant aunt is now filing a complaint with the provincial Human Rights Tribunal because she feels the mother and her tot were discriminated against.

Pardon me for inviting the wrath of the estrogen-laden masses out there in cyberspace, but I take my hat off to the restaurant owners for taking a stand.
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It’s Just Our Way: Controversy and Hand Wringing Post-G20

As the fences are being dismantled around what was recently the great meeting of the minds, Canadians are deeply engaged in the bitching, moaning and general hand-wringing that we are so exceptionally adept at. Reports of police brutality are being countered by salvos of testimony of police leniency and professionalism. Charges that the G20 event was a waste of time, money, and effort are being countered by assertion that successfully hosting such events as these increase our standing in the global community. And, not surprising to most, Mayor David Miller is simpering and whining for federal cash to compensate his poor, battered city.

Incongruously there is a movement to “Reclaim” TO, given that the city didn’t go anywhere and still occupied the center of all attention that it so loves to monopolize. But, is all of this fuss much ado about nothing, as the bard wrote, or do we have a right to be complaining?
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The Erotic Yawn

Big YawnMaybe there’s hope for me yet.

Researchers at the improbably named International Conference on Yawning in Paris recently discussed the true reason for why we yawn. Surprisingly, while we generally assume that it means the yawner is tired, it can mean a variety of other things, including sexual attraction.
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