Acitivism The Right and Wrong Way: Reckless Demonstration by Greepeace on Parliament Hill

The following was originally written on December 8th, 2009… As you may or may not have noticed, this page has experienced some serious technical difficulties. Now that the world has returned to its proper shape, I present the post that was to have been December 8th, 2009.

20 individuals are in police custody as I write this, and I would fully expect charges to be announced, after Greenpeace staged a demonstration on Parliament Hill today. 14 members of the activist group hung a massive banner reading “Harper/Ignatieff: Climate inaction costs lives” from the roof of the West Block of Parliament, then rappelled down the side of the building. The protest coincides with the meeting of various world leaders and representatives of nations for climate talks in Copenhagen.

Whether you agree or disagree, and I agree with the sentiment behind the protest, sometimes it’s the means, rather than the message, that steals the show. And, not always in the way the activists would like.
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Whatever You Call It, Let It Be Merry

I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing all the outrage and debate about what we should be saying, or allowed to say, as the holiday season approaches. Somewhere along the way, probably at the point that our culture started to take a more conservative bent, we lost focus on the true meaning of the holidays even as we thought we were taking up their defence. Call it what you want, the meaning of the holidays has been buried by consumerism and projected politicism. And, before you go congratulating me for saying it, it should be pointed out that neither side is right in this debate. Read more