Closer to Free: Teen Killer Gains New Freedoms

Canada’s youngest multiple killer is one step closer to freedom, today, as it has been reported that on Monday a judge changed her custody conditions from “closed” to “open.” This new status means that the teen, convicted for her role in helping her much older boyfriend brutally kill her entire family in their Medicine Hat, Alberta, home, can now participate in escorted trips off jail property.

I wonder how often her little brother is getting out on escorted walks from his new home, deep in cemetery soil.
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Damn the Pigs

So, have you heard about this thing they’re calling H1N1? Apparently, they used to call it the “Swine Flu,” but that was impacting the pork industry negatively, so they decided to call it something else instead. I hear it’s killed something like a billion people, or close to it. I mean, they’re calling it a pandemic and everything, aren’t they? Surely they wouldn’t do that for no good reason.
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