Remembrance and Resolve: Remembrance Day, Nov 11, 2009

I was on the phone when the ceremony started on CBC Radio today, but shared a moment of silence with the person on the line throughout the national anthem and the ritual that followed. I could faintly hear the chime of the Peace Tower from my desk, and even briefly opened my window to the chill to hear it better.

Remebrance Day is one occassion I celebrate, even if in a small way, each year. Of all the holidays and celebrations and festivities that occur for various reasons throughout the year, I truly feel that this is one day that holds a meaning worthy of the fuss. And, for anyone who disagrees and feels I don’t understand the meaning of remembrance because I am typically against the concept of war in general, and the wars in the Middle East in specific, I would gladly offer a boot to the nuts, or three. I think it’s the height of stupidity to stand for remembrance of sacrifice without also paying tribute, and due thought, to the reasons the sacrifices were made in the first place. Read more

Forgiveness and the Unforgivable: Rihanna and Chris Brown in the News Again

Don Henley sang that everyone loves dirty laundry in the song of the same name, and nothing from that 90’s tune is any less relevant now than it was then.

Rihanna has been in the headlines again lately for breaking her silence on the events of the night that her boyfriend beat her to a pulp as they drove in a rented sports car. Speaking with Diane Sawyer on 20/20, Rihanna finally recounted what happened that night, and why she acted the way she did after the altercation. Predictably, Chris Brown has come out with a statement in which he voices his preference that the details of that night be kept under wraps between himself and Rihanna; well, no kidding, why would he not want it kept quiet? But, amazingly, the idea of forgiveness of mistakes has been wafting around the airwaves and internet channels, begging the question, just how much can be forgiven? Read more

The United Colours of Extremism: Beyonce Declared Satanic

For all the print and video that is ejaculated on Islamic extremism and Muslim religious rants, people seem to forget that extremism is an equal opportunity stupidity.

Beyonce has been declarted satanic and a servant of the Devil by a religious group in advance of her show in Port Ghalib. Guess which religion?
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