Why I’m Boycotting Virgin Radio

I was on the road more than usual yesterday, and my ever-present IPod was unusually absent, which meant I had to resort to listening to the radio instead. I decided to give Virgin radio, which was once The Bear, a try, and was disgusted with what I heard. Unfortunately, the radio station is only responsible for half of what disgusted me.
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Who’s Saving Who From What?

I haven’t offended anyone in longer than is proper. Well, here anyways.
Let’s see if I can correct that.

There was an enormous amount of hoopla not so long ago about a law that was about to hit the books in Afghanistan that seemingly allowed husbands to legally rape their wives. Seems that allowing such a law to pass offended the global community, particularly the parts of it that are trudging through the sand avoiding AK fire and IEDs.

But a better question is, what the hell right do we have to tell them what laws they shouldn’t pass?
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