Crue You

Thanks to the benevolence of a company I deal with regularly, I was given the opportunity to attend last night’s Motley Crue concert at Scotiabank Place, featuring the Crue, The Last Vegas, Hinder and Theory of a Deadman. That’s alright; maintaining auditory function later into my life than last night would just mean years and years more of listening to other people’s irrelevancy.
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Suspension of Disbelief

It’s not much of a horse, perhaps a pony of sorts, but I fell off it to some degree or another. Luckily, I watched the incredibly sappy and yet entirely entertaining “One Week” chick-flick on the weekend and felt suitably motivated by unavoidable observations to make the following entry possible.
For those of you who have already heard this… well, you can either hear it again and ignore me like you did the first time, or you can stop reading. For those of you who want to see this movie and not have it ruined for you in advance by a slightly bedraggled looking -it’s Sunday night, after all- and confessedly infected by mighty geekitude lone 30-something, read no further. I believe the term is “teaser”, and I’m going to unleash a shit-sack full of that in the course of coming business.
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