I had this picture sent to me in an email today, or yesterday, or some such. Points to the person who sent it to me, points to the photographer, and enormous points to the staff of Wilde’s on Bank street for posting this gem.

One sign says it all

Do you think people are sick of the transit strike yet?

Upon All That Was

President Obama took the oath of office today and spoke before a sea of admirers. It may not have been against the most enormous odds that we arrived at this day; after all, President Obama was competing against a doddering old man who was so woefully opposite of compelling that his VP candidate easily captured the spotlight with her stunningly inferior intellect. Against those odds, the remnants of my last dinner would stand a decent chance of being elected to the highest office in the land. Regardless of the odds, we find ourselves in a rare moment that will define a new age.
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Time Marches On

I woke up this morning feeling about the same as any other; that is to say, less refreshed than I would like, more disgruntled and crusty than many would want, and about as resigned to my schedule as I am accustomed. So, what’s with all the wishes and celebratory talk? It’s another day. I’m that much closer to my final dirt vacation. Who the hell decided that birthdays were something to be celebrated?
That’s right, who?
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