All’s well that ends…

Late today it was announced that the union representing the striking transit workers and the city of Ottawa had reached an agreement by which the strike would be ended immediately. Seems that the pressure of impending back to work legislation managed to do what public outcry, several meetings and massive media coverage could not. But what can be taken away from this strike and the way it was ended?
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End of Days

I’m not sure whether I should declare Rona Ambrose’s decision to introduce back to work legislation in the public transit strike tomorrow a moral maneuver, or if I should instead give it a nod as proof that whining and moaning always wins the day. But, you know, moralistic or escapist, I’ll gladly accept it all the same.
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The Theory of Negativity

I have it on good authority that I was once a terribly happy child, always laughing and smiling. For many who have met me or known me since my childhood, this would likely come as a great surprise. It seems that I am, more often than I find amusing, considered to have a little dark cloud hanging about my head. I’m a negative person, they say. In fact, they said it or alluded to it twice this last week.
And, I want to know, what’s so wrong with that?
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