Humbly Delusional

Esquire magazine has declared Halle Berry deserving of the title “The World’s Sexiest Woman” for 2008 and, predictably, Berry graciously downplays what has gotten her there.
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Genuine Voice

After it came to light this week through the diligence of a Liberal Party worker that a speech given by Stephen Harper five years ago mirrored that of Prime Minister Howard of Australia, the question upon the lips of many has been “Does a five year old speech really matter?”
The fact that this has been asked, and that for many the answer is “no”, shows just how little we care about who governs our nation.
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Dangerous Labels

Last week, the Liberal Party of Canada canned Lesley Hughes, a candidate for election in Winnipeg, for purportedly racist opinions in her past writings as a freelance journalist. Fast on the heels of the claxon-call of racism, journalists and pundits have decried Hughes’ anti-Semitism for her opinions on the 9/11 attacks, setting aside more obvious and less sensationalistic concerns for, well, the sensationalistic ones.

Welcome to the last refuge of the intellectually weak.

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