Ignorance is Love

According to a study referenced in a recent article in the newspaper, those with a better grasp of Canadian history tend to have a less intense pride in their country than those who don’t, which proves what politicians have been saying for centuries: If they don’t see it, it never happened.
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New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Canadians went to the polls yesterday to place their ballots and elect a new government, or at least some of us did. And at the end of one of the shortest election campaigns our nation has seen, one that was called against the government’s own laws, under the affected premise that the government (which was not sitting at the time, on break) that had accomplished everything it set out to accomplish was terminally disfunctional, Canadians are left with one thing that’s new.

The bill.
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Fear Mongering

After being so effectively employed throughout the Bush regime’s 8 years in office, it’s no great surprise that fear is now being used by leadership candidates north and south of the border in the run up to this year’s elections.
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