End Times

The apocalypse has come on many tiny feet.

I was reading in the Ottawa Citizen today that Texas is experiencing an insect invasion. Apparently, flea-sized ants have been turning up in swarms across several counties, destroying everything in their sight. Well, alright, not everything, but I found it rather disturbing to read that these ants are formidable enough to take down small grouse and brazenly bite humans, particularly given their diminutive size. More worrisome is that the reddish-brown scourge has a predeliction for munching electronics; that’s right, the little bastards are after your Ipod.
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Mortal Currency

Despite the open door and the unspoken invitation, it seemed like an intrusion to be there. The house was the definition of clutter, but it was hard to tell for certain if the chaos had been paradoxically created in the interest of organization, or if it had been created as a part of the randomness of life. Each room was filled with items that logically belonged together, but crowded tighter and closer than one would expect them in life. It would have been hard to imagine all of these things put away in a neat and tidy manner, and yet it was equally hard to imagine anyone living in this kind of mess.
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Why A Canadian Team Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

I am an unrepentant Montreal Canadiens fan.

I have been since 1986, when I lay on my parents’ bed and watched Patrick Roy give the Calgary Flames fits. I actually began that Stanley Cup series as a Flames fan, not knowing any better and simply needing to pick a side to root for; besides, the flames had guys with improbable mustaches and a more interesting motif on their uniforms. Read more