… But they aren’t ALL that bad

I’ve never made it much of a secret that I am the polar opposite of a fan of the Bush administration.

Whether it’s the man’s inability to articulate even the most rudimentary thoughts in a manner that doesn’t make him sound like a drunk highschool drop-out, or the more frightening possibility that his most rudimentary thoughts are actually that convoluted and puerile to begin with, I’ve always felt that Dubya reflects exceptionally poorly on the American people who voted him into office. Then again, I’m not entirely convinced that mass hypnosis, the release of massive quantities of mind altering narcotics into the nation’s water supply, or an unparalleled use of cybernetic dopplegangers weren’t the actual culprits in both elections.
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Dumbledore’s Release

So it’s been in the news the past several days that J.K. Rowling has revealed that Dumbledore, the venerabe wizard overseer in the Harry Potter franchise, is gay.

This doesn’t surprise me, and not because I had any particular suspicions as to the direction of the old man’s swing, but simply because it seemed likely that Rowling would find her way back into the spotlight of the news media in hasty fashion after the furor over the release of the final (perhaps) Potter tome had died down.

And it shouldn’t surprise you, either. If it does, feel ashamed. Feel ashamed for the friend of yours who expressed surprise, for you are the friend of someone who felt surprise at a revelation such as this. I mean, the old guy lives in a magical fantasy castle in a hidden world surrounded by young boys dressed in robes and, oh, so many wands. He was bound to go astray if all those Catholic priests were.
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Hello and Welcome

This is just a quick hello to anybody who comes along.

Check back tomorrow for my first full post.

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